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The smarter way to get your pay

Your Pay, Your Way.

With PayActiv’s free app you can access your unpaid wages between pay days.

A $1 Fee for every $100 accessed gives you instant access to earned wages 24/7.

No sign up fees or interest rates. No credit checks. And no need to use credit cards, loans or overdrafts.

Quick and simple

Free online registration for PayActiv in minutes.

Low $1 Fee

No interest or hidden charges — $1 Fee for every $100 accessed only when you access your earned wages (up to $2000 per pay cycle).

Independence & control

Improve money management with same day, instant access to your earnings whenever you need them.

Confidential & discrete

Safe and secure online access to funds whenever and wherever. No need to ever speak to anyone and, because it’s all your money, no credit checks ever.

How does PayActiv work?


Employer sign up

Your employer signs up to offer PayActiv to all employees.

Download app & sign up

You download the PayActiv app and sign up with some basic details – your name, employee number etc.

Request funds

You build up an available balance as you work. Transfer money, from your available balance, in to your nominated bank account via the PayActiv App. You can also use your available balance to pay any bill.


On normal payday, you’ll receive your usual full wages minus the amount you’ve requested from PayActiv and the PayActiv transaction fee.
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