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Good for employees. Good for business.

Australian companies can offer PayActiv’s revolutionary, cloud-based financial service for free.

PayActiv empowers employees by giving them 24/7 access to their earned but – No interest or hidden charges — a $1 Fee for every $100 accessed.

PayActiv is a multi-award winning employee benefit that is proven to substantially decrease absenteeism and staff attrition and increase company productivity.

Increased productivity

Delivers an average 28% reduction in employee attrition, decreased business costs plus improved employee engagement.

Zero cost

No set up or ongoing costs and no change to cash flow as PayActiv covers ‘advance’ wage payments.

No integration required

Fully automated program that works seamlessly with your existing HR and IT systems.

Secure & compliant

Australian based company that complies with all security protocols and regulatory mandates.

Become an employer of choice


Sign up

Once you’ve agreed to offer PayActiv to your employees we can set up the system in just 96 hours.

Promote/Build Awareness

We provide launch materials and work with you to educate your employees about all of the PayActiv benefits.

Employee Onboarding

Employees sign up quickly and easily via the PayActiv app. All services are then instantly available.


Provide access to daily Time and Attendance data (if available). No customization required.


PayActiv will deliver a deduction file for your payroll system based on your usual payroll specifications and deadlines.

How your company benefits

Engage, Retain, and Recruit

Businesses that empower employees to manage their personal finances with PayActiv’s zero debt solution see dramatic improvements in their employee engagement, retention and recruitment.

Engagement 100%
Retention 100%
Recruitment 100%

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